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Hometown: Saint Germain Laval, a little town in the Loire

Baking Since: 1976

Past Experience: I’ve opened 4 bakeries, and we always try to have the best products possible. Our family recipe for sour dough is started with fruits and gives a taste and a flavor you can’t find everywhere.

I love to bake… The French baguette, and I love to eat it with butter when its still warm.

Lafayette is… A place to get hot bread all day long, a crew that will be happy to say “Bonjour” with a smile when you enter, bread and pastry with a unique taste.


Jean-Bernard VIAL info@lafayettebakery.com

Hometown: The beautiful city of Lyon in the Rhone-Alpes

Baking Since: 1999

Past Experience: I worked in the biggest and the greatest Pastry shop of Lyon and of the Rhone-Alpes as Pastry Chief. I went to classes in the higher schools of Pastry, and attended the School of Fine Chocolate (Valrhona). I have also created animations for the Mayor of Lyon several times.

I love to bake… The chocolate meringue. But i am also a real fan of the French baguette!

Lafayette is… A place to rediscover forgotten flavors.

Mathieu CACHOZ info@lafayettebakery.com

About us

The Vial Family brings their French heritage of authentic, artisan breads and hand-crafted pastries to the Barnyard in Carmel, all the way from Paris! Step inside this old-world bakery for a rustic loaf of bread or French pastry. Artisan Bread • French Pastries • Baguette Sandwiches • Salads • Coffee Bar

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